Shop Hop by the Bay - June 25, 2004
Shop Hop by the Bay - June 25, 2004
Boy...the Shop Hop was fun but it was oh, so looooong!

We decided weeks ago to go to the local stores in Morgan Hill (Quilts and Things and Over the Edge Quiltworks) and Hollister (Creative Friends, Timber & Textiles and Homespun Harbor - which wasn't on the Hop) on either Thursday, Saturday or Sunday. That left us Friday to Shop Hop and take care of going to the remaining 12 stores and the San Jose Quilt Museum.

We met at Julee's house at 6am. Having borrowed her father-in-law's Tahoe, she was the designated driver with Becky as navigator. Fueled by coffee and snacks, and wearing our Twisted Stitchers t-shirts (see logo on Linda's shirt below), we were on the road to San Francisco and Black Cat Quilts by 6:30am.

Imagine our surprise when we didn't have ANY traffic and arrived over an hour early at Black Cat Quilts...our first leg of the Hop. To pass the time, we trekked up the block to a little cafe and had more coffee and snacks!

At about 8:45am we stood outside the door waiting for the quilt shop to open. Les, Linda, Eva and Mary passed the time by reading their Passports (picture 1).

Soon, one of the owners came. We were hoping she'd let us in early, but no such luck! After she turned the lights on inside, we did some peeking. Here, Shelly (Eva behind her), Mary, Les and Linda are looking at a quilt hanging on the left wall (picture 2).

By 9:20am we were in the Tahoe and back on the road to San Jose. Zoom! Zoom!

The Laurel Leaf in San Carlos.

Fabrics 'n' Fun in Milpitas.

Eddie’s Quilting Bee in Mountain View gave out Mardi Gras beads. We love Eddie!

The Granary in Sunnyvale.

Carolea’s Knitche also in Sunnyvale (not on Hop, but we like this shop anyway!).

Whiffle Tree Quilts in Cupertino.

Golden State Sewing Center in Campbell.

Going to Pieces in San Jose.

At about 3pm we were in Scotts Valley at Judy's Sewing Center. About the time we walked in and got our freebies, Julee's husband, Mark, called. When he found out we were still in Scotts Valley, he told her we should get moving because he said we'd probably hit heavy traffic at the [Keyhole? Hairpin? Oh...the Fishhook!!!] in Capitola. He told her we'd be lucky to make our last shop with ten minutes to spare.

So...back into the Tahoe we go, dragging Linda who'd been watching a demo in back. Mark was right. The traffic was horrendous.

We hit the Cabrillo Sewing Center in Capitola running and never had time to look around, but we'd go back some other day. In, grab the freebies and out!

We called ahead to the shops in Pacific Grove, hoping they wouldn't close on us. We zipped into The Hand Maden, got our passports punched and were out again in 5 minutes. Add another shop to the list of ones to spend more time in later.

Our last stop (with exactly those ten minutes to spare!) was Back Porch Fabrics (pictures 3, 4 and 5) who stayed open extra time just for us! Yeah! Afterward, Shelly and Julee relax on the bench outside the door (picture 6).

After a long and FUN day, we kicked back for dinner in Monterey at the Fisherman's Grotto.  The picture (#7) washed out everyone but Becky and Mary. We probably should have turned off the flash, hm? But who cares? We had a blast and we're ready to do it again!
From left:
Becky Whiteside, Eva Trenberth, Linda Fontanilla,
Mary Oteri, Shelly Little, Julee Maggiora and Leslie Eclarin