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Our newest member...Daphne has been working on this quilt for quite some time. Here's the story about it in her words:

My first and (so far) only quilt, I began this simple block quilt as a baby quilt for the birth of my niece and godchild, Olivia. I started it 17 years ago, stopped it 16 years ago and restarted it again 1 year ago, with the help of the Twisted Stitchers! It's hand-sewn and will be hand-quilted --- though it may kill me!

By now, this labor of love will be for the birth of Olivia's child. And since Olivia is only 16, that gives me a little more time! 

With hearts and circles quilted in alternating squares, maybe I'll call it "Hugs and Hearts".

~work in progress
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Hugs and Hearts
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Daphne's Projects